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Weeks 7-11

Separate yourself from garden variety digital marketers

In a little more than three months, you'll become a growth marketer that employers want to hire.

Get hired or get your 100% of your tuition back.

Live Projects

Weeks 1-3

Growth Fundamentals

Weeks 12-13

Weeks 4-6

Employment Prep

Case Studies

Growth Marketing:Tech's New Hot Role in Tech

Salaries as High as Six Figures Within 4 Years

Growth marketing is one of the hottest new roles in tech. In a nutshell, the discipline deals with how to acquire, engage, and retain users.

The typical starting salary for a growth marketer is $60k, and they can earn up to $100k within four years.

Interest in "Growth Marketing" Over Time

Source: Google Trends

Unlike digital marketing, growth also encompasses disciplines like user experience, product, and data analytics.

The problem is that it's hard to find people with knowledge across all of these domains, and information is scattered in many places.

Mint's 13-Week Growth Marketing Bootcamp

Mint Academy's growth marketing bootcamp is a training and internship program, which:

  • Teaches the fundamentals of growth marketing and levels up your knowledge of skills that employers look for.

  • Pairs you with real-world projects from partner companies that enhance your experience and employability. Partners include...

Candidates who are admitted to our program receive additional benefits like job search/career support, and lifetime access to our mentors.

“Not only did Dick Talens (course instructor) teach me how to setup a killer Facebook ad campaign, but he also helped me earn more profit in 8 weeks than the cost of the course! He really knows his stuff and I can’t recommend him enough.

Matthew Ayers

Former Student

Student → Employed in 13 Weeks

How Our Bootcamp is Designed

Have basic knowledge of social media or marketing, but need more experience/skills to get employed? This bootcamp is for you.

A Slack DM from a former student on Week 3

Course Timeline

Weeks 1-3

Learn Fundamentals That Set You Apart

Set yourself apart from by learning things such as acquisition metrics, javascript pixel implementation, direct response copywriting, and consumer psychology.

Weeks 4-6

Solve Case Studies From the Real World

Next, we'll utilize what you learned to solve challenging case studies from the real world. This will also be your first step into mastering platforms like TikTok and Facebook ads.

Weeks 7-11

Work With a Real Client on Exciting Projects

You'll break into groups to work on a real growth project with the guidance of your mentors. Drive real results that you'll use to make your resume stand out.

Weeks 12-13

Get Ready For Employment

Over the last 2 weeks, we'll prepare you for employment through hands-on workshops around resume, job search, and interviewing. We'll also connect you with employers who work with us to hire growth marketing talent.

Course Topics



  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Reddit

Growth Theory

  • Consumer Psychology
  • Growth Metrics
  • Funnel Theory
  • Content/Copywriting
  • Landing Page Design
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Marketing Statistics
  •  A/B Testing

Technical Skills


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript/JQuery


  • SQL/PostgreSQL
  • Advanced Excel


  • Google Tag Manager


  • Mixpanel
  • Hotjar
  • Google Analytics
  • Cluvio

Hear Helena's Bootcamp Experience

Instructors and Mentors

There's an old saying: "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach."

You won't find that from any instructors at Mint. Our instructors and mentors have started, scaled, and sold several notable companies.

Alesin Tygrys Tipler

Product, UI/UX, Curriculum

Mint Co-Founder & Tech Lecturer

MS, Molecular Nutrition, LSU

Biomedical researcher turned coder & head of product.

Graduate of Fullstack Academy
one of the most prestigious coding bootcamps

✭ 10+ years developing educational 
courses, programs, & curriculums.

Dick Talens

Growth, Acquisition, Analytics

Mint Co-Founder & Head Lecturer

Wharton Undergrad '09

Founder @ Fitocracy
→ One of the most popular fitness apps in the world. Acquired 2016.

Growth @ Gabi → Seed to Series A. Recently acquired for $320M.

Growth @ NuTrail → Shopify store launch to every Costco in the US.

Growth @ Stilt → Seed to $225M debt facility.

Michael Listovetsky

Mentor & Advisor

Co-Founder @ JUICE → top-ranked (#105, Inc 5000) digital agency 

Growth @ Kenneth Cole, Paris Hilton & Tommy Bahama → Scaled numerous multi-platform campaigns.

Co-Founder @ Skylight → Raised from Tim Draper (SpaceX, Tesla, Hotmail) and Marc Benioff (Salesforce). Acquired by Common.

Eric Siu

Mentor & Advisor

Founder @ Single Grain → clients include Amazon, Uber, Nordstrom

Podcaster & Author of
"Leveling Up"
→ a business & marketing bestseller

Chairman @ ClickFlow → Epic business intelligence software

Guest Lecturer @ USC Marshall School of Business

Troy Osinoff

Mentor & Advisor

Co-Founder @ JUICE → top-ranked (#105, Inc 5000) digital agency 

Head of Acquisition @ BuzzFeed

Founder @ Make a Dare → Launched viral media site
featured on Dr. Phil.

Serial E-Commerce Founder → Launched multiple stores each grossing 1M+ in revenue.

Admissions Process and Course Dates

Join Our Next Cohort

The program runs for 13 weeks with a set class time twice a week. 

There will also be outside time spent on projects, meeting with mentors, and mock interviews/workshops.

Next Start Date

February 13th, 2023


Live online from NYC 

(Eastern Timezone)

Class Schedule


7pm to 10pm Eastern

Weekly Courseload

Approx. 15 hours/week outside of class.

Tuition and Payment Options

The total cost of the course is $4,700 and comes with a money-back guarantee. 

If you don't land a growth marketing role within 6 months after graduating, you will receive a 100% refund*.

We have the following tuition options available:

Upfront Payment

$4,700 upfront payment

(or in two installments)

Monthly Installments

$290/month (18 months) 


$410/month (12 months)

Apply to Mint's Growth Marketing Bootcamp

Starts February 13th, 2023

Are you ready to jumpstart your career as a highly employable growth marketer?

If you're taking this bootcamp and want to gain a job in Growth Marketing, we guarantee you'll find a job in 6 months* or get 100% of your money back.

Questions? Feel free to shoot us an email:

Admissions Criteria

This bootcamp is meant for those with some previous knowledge/experience with social media or digital marketing.

If you don't have this, it's still possible to excel in this bootcamp if you carry other qualities.

Stuff we care about...


Related work experience or relevant degree: You'll have an easier time if you know the basics around digital marketing (or better yet, have run paid media ads before)


Time you're willing to put in: Those with prior experience can expect 15 hours/week outside of set lecture time. Additional time/effort can make up for experience.

Passion/motivation: We want to see that you're passionate about topics like social media, metrics, or user acquisition. If you have plenty of gas in the tank, you'll be able to speed through the course.


Admissions Test Performance: Our admissions test is used to test your creativity and problem solving abilities. We use it to determine your eligibility for the program, especially if you have no marketing experience, but it's only one out of many factors that we use.


Stuff we don't care about...


Your grades/transcript: We don't care about how well you did in school or whether or not you have a bachelor's degree.

How well-formatted your resume is: You'll have the option to submit your resume. We just want to see what you've done in the past, so don't worry about too much about it being polished--this is something you'll learn in the bootcamp anyway.



Age/gender/demographic/etc: We may collect this information to gauge how representative of the population our bootcamp is, but we don't use it to make admissions decisions.

* Reasonable, action-based terms and rules apply. Contact us for more details

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